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Nov. 5th, 2015



Knock Knock...

Is anyone still in the community?

Apr. 25th, 2010


Meet our staff

      P. June Diehl - ePress-online editor and author

P. June Diehl is the Senior SF Editor for ePress-Online, the Editorial Director and a Senior Editor for Virtual Tales, and is also a certified coach working with writers.

Author of THE MAGIC & THE MUNDANE: A Guide for the Writer’s Journey, she teaches/mentors writing classes online at Writer’s 
Village University and for Pearls of Writing as well as having conducted workshops on the elements of fiction writing, including the business of publication, for various chapters of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and the Muse Online Writing Conference. She is enrolled in UCLA’s Writing Program, focusing on long and short fiction. Ms. Diehl has published poetry, short stories, and articles online and in print. She’s finalizing a novel and working on two others, along with several other writing projects. The author lives in Virginia with three cats and a dog.

 "Helping fiction writers past obstacles on the way to publication"


Email: PJuneDiehl@LiveYourWritingDream.com

Workshop Schedule:http://LiveYourWritingDream.com/writingworkshops.html

Feb. 19th, 2009


New five star customer review for Windwalker

"Donna Sundblad's, Windwalker, is a journey abundant with fantasy, compassion, promise, romance, and fright.

Windwalker is set along volatile seashores, under the dreamy skis of the mystical world of Ranaan. A world engaged by intense protagonists who struggle against despair with courage, while others swell with hatred and intolerance.

Unerringly, as ancient prophecies warned, a fair-skinned native tribe, the Jonnick, arrive on the shores of Ranaan, plagued by sickness, beset with a curse, seeking refuge.

The righteous Stygian welcome the tribe, unaware that the foreseen disease that the foreigners bring is the least of their worries.

Five hundred years later, the births of the Arich born on a moonless night and the Augar born with a bumble foot, mark the onset of prophecy fulfilment, and the time of joining.

A few years later, with their world on the verge of destruction, the most improbable couple, a crippled Jonnick girl with a hidden Stygian bloodline (Jalil), and a lonely Stygian boy, raised as a Jonnick, (Manelin) unite, and find themselves thrust into challenges beyond their wildest fears, as they set out on a quest to unravel the true meaning of the prophecies, while a wicked queen does everything in her power to thwart the fulfillment.

Author Donna Sundblad, does an amazing job of pulling you into her fantasy world. She awakens the senses and stimulates curiosity. You feel, the cool mist spray your skin, as you see and hear the waves crash at the mountain base, the breeze through your hair. Salt from the sea tantalises your taste buds and fear rips at your intellect.

Donna convinces the readers of many convoluted effects, one being the ability of Windwalker characters to transform and travel with the wind from the past, present and into the future.

The Stygian prophecies may or may not be fulfilled, but there is promise that the reader will be. This is a journey you don't want to miss. It will leave you yearning for the sequel and fantasizing about walking on the wind.

Loreena Russomanno

Feb. 17th, 2009


Second Time Around receives four star review from Carl Brookins

Fun and Murder in Montana

Timothea Campbell (Timmi to her friends) has a perfectly nice life in a small town not far from Missoula, Montana. She owns and runs Campbell Business services in the town of Jocko. Her comfortable house on twenty wooded acres is populated with dogs cats and assorted wildlife.

While walking her pets one morning, a dead man rolls down the hill and practically lands at her feet. She doesn't recognize the corpse, even though the stiff turns out to be her father. Thus begins a wild and complicated tale of revenge, years of lies, romance, and, of course murder. More than one. This suspenseful mystery also contains a well-thought-out romantic entanglement between two feisty independent characters in a novel filled with engaging characters.

Timmi herself, a transplant from the East Coast, has adapted to rural ways quite well, even up to packing heat upon occasion. For someone with her kind of mercurial temperament, I might want her to wear a temperature gauge at times. While the story does not have a high level of forward drive, the author's sense of place, her characters, and the complications of a former lover (Deputy Jack Kendall) becoming the principal investigator in the case as the bodies pile up, all adds to reader interest. A fun, well written, story about a couple of people you'll want to meet again.

Review by Mystery Writer Carl Brookins

Feb. 2nd, 2009


Visit the New Bohemian Beat Street

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Beat Street Cafe Poetry -- readings and recitals
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Dec. 3rd, 2008


Congratulation Steve and Joanne - EPPIE finalists


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Congratulation Steve and Joanne - EPPIE finalists EPIC, epress-online, finalist


ePress-online is proud to announce that two of their authors, Steve Bartholomew and Joanne Hall, have finaled in the EPIC Awards contest. Winners will be anounced at EPICON in March 2009 at their banquet at Lake Las Vegas.

EPIC (Electronically Published Internet Connection) is an international organization established to recognize outstanding book, publishers and people who work in or to improve electronic publication with innovative ideas and contributions of hard work and deication to this media.

Nov. 19th, 2008


(no subject)

We have decided to do reviews of some books which we really enjoy whether they are from ePress-online or not. The first one is: Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles by Gloria Oliver

Title: Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles
Author(s): Gloria Oliver
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
Copyright: 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7599-4463-3
Format: ebook
Genre: Fantasy
Available at: Fictionwise and Amazon

Will Talia be able to handle the unwanted apprenticeship she has been given with the prestigious Dragon Knight's Guild? Is the Administrator, Lareen, as flighty as she seems? Is Nertek, the store keeper, really such a bad fellow? And why can’t Clarence and Kel bond? These questions and more are answered throughout this fantasy using an assortment of strong characters, well described places, and a fast paced story.

The author takes us on a journey from a rural farming village to a school where nothing is really as it seems. Join Talia, Kel and Clarence as they make their way through the twists and turns of this action packed story, filled with Dragons, students, teachers and the horrific Maeloons.

“Talia shivered. Maeloon—savage creatures who inhabited desolate areas of land. She'd heard many stories about the maeloon. It was said they were cursed long ago by the gods for having the tenacity to bite one of them. Because of it, it was their lot to be born insane.” (Chapter 5)

Gloria Oliver has a way with description that makes you see the world she built in your minds eye.

“Almost there, she turned around to take a last look at her parents and her home. As hard as she could, she tried to engrave into her memory the view of the whitewashed house with its sloping porch, the plowed fields with their earthy smell and swaying stalks of wheat and corn, the barn with all the sheep, cows, and horses.” (Chapter 1)

This is a tale that will delight readers of all ages that love a good fantasy set in an unknown world with all the magic and mayhem of a well told story. This book is highly recommended by two avid readers of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Reviewed by
Joan McNulty Pulver
Margaret I. Carr

Nov. 17th, 2008


Review of Them's Fightin' Words

by Clem Daems

A must read for any author or aspiring author whether its a short story, novella or novel. Them's Fightin' Words by Teel James Glenn, provides a comprehensive way to look at action. And although the book's emphasis is on fighting scenes, the insights are equally applicable to any kind of action--rescuing a drowning man, a fireman searching a burning building, a person confronting a vicious dog, etc.

Glenn takes the reader through an insightful look at what can only be described as the craft of writing a fighting sequence. Through excerpts of past masters, he looks at how to plan the scene, consider its purpose in the context of the overall story, and how the emotions of the characters provide an insight into their motives and personalities.

He also considers issues easily overlooked, such as the level of the technology, cultural restrictions, political and religious structures, clothes (yes clothes), and the physical skills and personal prejudices of the characters. Together they integrate the action with the character and the environment into an inseparable gestalt.

And if that weren't enough, the book is complete with exercises, and suggested books to read, movies to see, and websites to visit.

After reading Them's Fightin' Words, you will never look at an action scene the same again.

Clem Daems
Sifu, Praying Mantis Kung Fu
Author of the soon to be released Talons of the Raptor Clan

Nov. 14th, 2008


Teel James Glenn makes a radio apprearance


TJ Glenn will make an appearance on the Meet The Author show at 8 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, November 18. If you’d like to listen or call in to his interview, please go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dennisngriffin.

The show will be archived on that site shortly after its completion and can be played back as a podcast. TJ will be discussing his Renfaire mystery Knight Errant: Death and Life at the Faire

Oct. 20th, 2008


This Week's Epress-online Top 10 at Fictionwise

1. The Magic & the Mundane: A Guide to the Writer's Journey by P. June Diehl [Self Improvement/General Nonfiction]
2. Them's Fightin' Words!: A Writer's Guide to Writing Fight Scenes by Teel James Glenn [Self Improvement/General Nonfiction]
3. The Bratwurst Kidnapping by David Hayes [Mystery/Crime/Humor]
4. The Sense-ible Writer by Nadene R. Carter [Self Improvement/General Nonfiction]
5. Escape [A Wyoming Historical Novel] by Jean Henry Mead [Historical Fiction/History]
6. Pumping Your Muse by Donna Sundblad [Self Improvement/General Nonfiction]
7. Other People's Lives by Betty Kreier Lubinski [Mainstream/Family/Relationships]
8. Needle by L. L. Whitaker [Science Fiction]
9. Knight Errant: Death and Life at the Faire by Teel James Glenn [Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller]
10. In Exile [New Kingdom Series] by Joanne Hall [Fantasy]

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